The cost of every recladding project is different and varies according to the type of property and scope of the projects. There are several reasons for choosing to re-clad your property, which may include giving your house a fresh new look before selling or fixing weather-tightness issues. Whatever the case, we suggest having a budget in mind before approaching any construction company.

At Concept Design Build, we can provide an exact estimate of the costs involved in re-clad your home.

Some of the key factors we take into consideration when providing a quote for recladding include but are not limited to:

  • Size and level of complexity of the project
  • Site access, for example, if the house is on a steep or uneven ground requiring extensive scaffolding
  • Areas affected by the damage – kitchens and bathrooms require more work and therefore will be more costly
  • The extent of the damage
  • Whether the home requires new joinery such as door and window joinery


If you are considering renovations or alterations as well as recladding, we would recommend having the works done at the same time, especially if your goal is to sell your property. As well as recladding, Concept Design Build specialises in high-quality home renovations and extensions.

Our team will provide you with an accurate comprehensive estimate of cost including renovations or extension works as well as recladding.


Over the years, we have completed several successful recladding projects. In our experience re-cladding costs for a stand-alone, mid-sized 3-4 bedroom home fall into the following ranges:

  • Remedial Design: $5,000 – $10,000
  • Building Consents: $4,000 – $6,000
  • Building Consultant: $2000 – $3,000
  • Building Work: $150,000 – $300,000

Please note that costs are indicative and may vary according to individual requirements as mentioned above. The full recladding cost for an average two-storey home usually ranges between $250 – $320K.

These costs usually include timber replacement, new joinery, insulation, deck work, balcony work, roof work and some interior work such as painting and new window architraves.

For a top storey property or a small single storey, the cost expectations could be half the above.

Works that include bathrooms, kitchens, new floors, new fireplaces and interior layout changes are additional extra costs.

When you take advantage of our free and no-obligation consultation, we will discuss your needs and requirements to be able to provide you with an accurate estimate.


The three most common types of exterior cladding used in New Zealand are Stucco, Polystyrene, or Fibre Cement.
Between 1991 and 2004, there was a large number of plaster-clad homes constructed in New Zealand.

In 2002, we became aware that these types of cladding have a high fail rate and they could easily absorb moisture-causing damage to the framing and rot the timber.

In 2004, changes to the Building Act and New Zealand Building Code included the use of cavity systems, additional flashing protection, higher timber treatment requirements, and stricter adherence to code requirements to move away from these types of cladding to prevent damage.


Even though a percentage of the houses affected have been re-clad, the majority of homes constructed during this time still have their original cladding, roofing and exterior windows and doors in place.

Many homes across Auckland still have probable defects and lack the failsafe provided by the 2004 changes, which means increased risks of issues for homeowners.

Due to New Zealand’s weather conditions, especially in winter, If these issues are left untreated they will become a nightmare for homeowners and very expensive to fix.


Concept Design Build experienced team have re-clad several houses around Auckland. For each project, we work with a timber specialist to assess the framing and see if any of it needs replacing.

The most common reasons for damaged framing usually happen in the following areas:

  • Where the cladding meets the roof – Significant issues caused by apron flashings and the lack of stopends
  • Where the cladding meets the windows – Lack of flashings and sealants are common causes of problems as well as a failure of the windows
  • Where the cladding meets the ground – Lack of clearance to the ground and or plaster right down to the ground.
  • Where claddings are penetrated – Vents, meter boxes, pipes and other items that go through the cladding, they often cause water leaks and create tightness issues
  • In-built decks and balconies – Decks and balconies lacking falls, outlets, lacking a step down to the interior, capped balustrades and having tiles direct to the membrane are common causes of failure


There is now an easy solution for every issue listed above. The most common and cost-effective solutions include:

  • Re-clad the exterior flash and, if possible, install new window and doors
  • Correct the ground lines by lowering or installing concrete nibs
  • Correct flash and provide safeguards to cladding penetrations
  • Reconstruct decks and balconies for better step-downs and falls to drain water and to be able to inspect the membranes
  • Check the state of the roof and fix any leak issues if needed


In our experience, we have found that very few of these buildings have no decay. We have come across people saying that their house is a leaky building but the one next door (built the same way at the same time) is not.

Some houses have very little damage while others have extended damage.

We have found that some houses look poorly maintained and have all of the details we associate with issues but can have very little damage. Other houses look in good condition but can have widespread decay.

Decay does not get better over time it can only get worse. You have options to prevent further damage or to repair these damages through re-cladding or partial re-cladding.

These repairs are essential for the health, well-being and safety of your family over time.

Don’t wait until your home is beyond repair. Give us a call today to schedule a free consultation to discuss your needs.


We are committed to treating our clients with dignity, respect and honesty while providing outstanding remodeling and new construction services.


While working in your home we will treat it and its surroundings with respect. We encourage a clean mannered well-presented site.

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We are forward thinkers, constantly considering fresh solutions and options to get you the best possible result.

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You can be assured that your site will be managed on a daily basis to ensure it is kept clean safe and tidy. All of our projects are managed overall by a Licensed Building Practitioner.


We are committed to providing you with the best outcome for your investment.

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We are part of the Certified Builders Association which gives you the assurance that you are working with licensed and experienced builders back up by a 10 year warranty.

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We have a comprehensive 280-point quality checklist that we methodically update throughout the build

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Our team of skilled professionals will ensure that your renovation project is as stress-free and smooth as possible. To add extra peace of mind, we provide our comprehensive Make Money Guarantee, which includes a 10 year Halo Residential Guarantee.


We pride ourselves on our ability to build trustworthy and long-lasting relationships with our clients who, over the years, continued to follow us and support us throughout our journey and are happy to vouch for us.

"Richard is a down to earth and trustworthy guy"

- Jeff

"I have worked with Richard and his team on plenty of projects in the last two years, Richard is a down to earth and trustworthy guy. We have found his projects to be run with efficiency and great attention to detail. His team always ensure all trades are organised and providing a top-quality result. I would highly recommend Richard for any residential building project from a straight forward bathroom upgrade - complex housing projects."

"Thanks Concept Design Build for a job well done"

- Graham

"Richard and his team have done a great job on our project and were a pleasure to deal with all the way through. The quality of workmanship and attention to detail has resulted in a fantastic outcome we are very happy with. The communication throughout was easy and prompt which kept us informed. The whole team involved made sure we were happy all the way through and I would recommend if you have any building needs you contact Richard.

Thanks Concept Design Build for a job well done."

"I love what's been done and the final product"

- Tony

"I love what's been done and the final product. It's been very humbling for me personally even to go through this whole process. Words can't fully express how much this means to me and what you've all done. Keep up the good work.

Again, truly grateful."

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